Wende Zomnir

Founding Partner, Urban Decay Cosmetics & Caliray

Originally from Texas, Wende Zomnir went to high school in Belgium and spent time traveling around Europe. Wende moved back to Texas for college, then to Chicago to work for a global advertising agency where she specialized in youth culture accounts. But the beach and SoCal culture beckoned, and Wende brought her marketing skills out West. In the mid-‘90s when the prestige beauty market was a boring sea of pink, red and beige, Wende envisioned a shake-up and unleashed Urban Decay on the old-school cosmetics industry, filling the void with makeup in an insane range of colors and shade names that fueled a beauty revolution. Urban Decay democratized beauty before anyone else and Wende paved the way for every beauty entrepreneur. In October 2021, Wende Zomnir co-founded Caliray, a west coast beauty brand made of clean formulas, dirty minds, and sexy sustainability. The brand blends makeup with wellness to create innovative concoctions with innocent ingredients. Caliray is California Beauty Unfiltered – designed for less makeup, more living. Wende resides in Newport Beach, California, with her husband Doug Collier and hilarious sons Crash and Cruz. In her spare time, Wende can be found surfing, diving, snowboarding, cross-country skiing, Crossfitting, playing tennis, hitting a volleyball, mountain biking, practicing yoga, running, and of course, knitting. Her secret ambitions are to become a painter and write a book.