Executive Directors

Co-Executive Director

Ines Ramirez

Industrial & Systems Engineering (B. S.)

Co-Executive Director

Mitali Shanbhag

Business Administration (B. A.)

Minor in Computer Programming

Finance Team

Finance Director

Liz Hannan

Neuroscience (B. A.)

Minor in Business Finance

Finance Assistant

Valeska Widjaja

Business Administration (B. S.)

Minor in Applied Analytics

Speakers Team

Speakers Director

Pauline Woodley

Journalism (B.A.)

Minor in Cinematic Arts

Speakers Director

Rita Ruiz

Public Policy & Law (M. P. A.)

Speakers Assistant

Mahima Varanasi

Industrial & Systems Engineering (B. S.)

Logistics Team

Logistics Director

Lauren Householder

Cognitive Science (B. A.)

Minor in Business

Logistics Director

Megan Bennett

International Relations (B. A.), Economics (B. A.), French (B. A.)

Logistics Assistant

Catherine Kim

Human Biology (B. S.), Communication (B. A.)

Marketing Team

Marketing Director

Mia Bettino

Public Relations (B. A.)

Minor in Marketing

Marketing Director

Andrea Klick

Journalism (B. A.), Political Science (B. A.)

Minor in Human Rights

Marketing Assistant

Vivian Wu

Communication (B. A.)

Creative Team

Creative Director

Crystal Guo

Arts, Technology, and the Business of Innovation (B.S.)

Minor in Advertising, Communication Design

Creative Assistant

Lily Krausz

Bachelor of Arts (B. A.)

Minor in Consumer Behavior