Shontay Lundy

Creator & Founder of Black Girl Sunscreen

Shontay Lundy is the Founder of Black Girl Sunscreen (BGS). In 2016, when Shontay became tired of using sunscreen that left a white residue, she decided to leverage her MBA and knack for business to develop a melanin friendly option for women who look like her. The groundbreaking product has not only provided women with darker skin tones a healthy option to protect their skin, but the brand has cultivated a strong reputation for empowering black women. While working to build awareness for BGS, Shontay has continued to fuel her passion by traveling the world educating women of color on the importance of wearing sunscreen. She has emerged as a a thought leader in the beauty industry and her success has been chronicled by Forbes, Business Insider, Teen Vogue, InStyle and countless other national publications. At Black Girl Sunscreen, the mission is to educate consumers about safe skin practices and sun protection. They also want to provide an answer to a question they hear far too often, “Do black people need sunscreen?” Yes! This mission has gained tremendous traction and the demand for Black Girl Sunscreen has continued to grow. In January 2021, BGS launched in several ULTA locations across the country and currently Black Girl Sunscreen is the only indie black owned product sold in Target’s sun care section full time. In addition to being a catalyst in the beauty industry, Shontay takes social missions just as seriously and in 2020 she successfully challenged Instagram to verify deserving black businesses with a blue check through her #VerifyBlackBrands campaign. In Shontay’s leisure time she enjoys skiing, hiking and yoga. Shontay resides in Southern California with her three bulldogs.