Shana Abraham

Author of Rise; Founder/CEO of RISE Women

Shana Abraham is a 23-year old author and advocate who seeks to support the advancement of all women, everywhere. Growing up the daughter of Indian Immigrants in the U.S., she observed how women (especially women of color) have so many barriers to achieving the same rights and liberties as men, and the distinct lack of conversation and mobilization in addressing this issue within her own community. She wrote RISE to bring awareness on the importance of women's empowerment for communities to thrive, performing months of research and interviews with various activists and thought leaders across the world to learn about the core principles of change making. After publishing, she founded RISE Women (@risewomenco on Instagram) to continue the work of her book, hoping to continue sharing actionable strategies to support women of all backgrounds and identities. She facilitates conversations at various organizations, universities, and schools to share her research, hoping to encourage all people to lead the change the world needs! In her free time, she loves to dance, read, and travel while visiting friends and family.