Maxine Goynes

Actress, Host & Creator, MG Method

Maxine Goynes (she/her), is the founder of MG METHOD, and the host of ‘MG METHOD the podcast' which emphasizes in-depth conversations with thought leaders around all things life design. Maxine is the author of ‘FOUNDATIONS’ an ebook designed to give people structure and accountability for holistic self-care. She has found a way to bridge both Art & Athleticism leveraging her knowledge, relationships and background in multimedia communication, recruitment, visual communication and broadcast journalism. Maxine has worked in the digital space successfully orchestrating mutually beneficial influencer campaigns, brand partnerships & producing creative content. As a former Division I Athlete, dual American-British citizen, commercial model, personal trainer + mindset coach, she has created a community which views her as an invaluable tool for their mind, body & business. Maxine uses mindset, movement, meals, media, and mission to help remind people of their power.