Anusha Singh

Menstrual Equity Activist & Community and Social Impact Specialist, Aunt Flow

Anusha Singh (she/her), BS, is a menstrual equity activist and researcher. She works as the Community and Social Impact Specialist at Aunt Flow, and she recently graduated from The Ohio State University with a Bachelors in Neuroscience. Since starting her own student organization, Period OSU, 4 years ago, she and her team have successfully advocated for the repeal of the Ohio Tampon Tax. Her grassroots advocacy efforts led her to spearhead numerous national campaigns, such as #NationalPeriodDay, through which thousands of young people made history by organizing 60+ rallies across all 50 states and four countries, aimed at raising awareness about period poverty. She has spoken at the New York City Human Rights Council, testified in front of D.C. and Ohio lawmakers, delivered a TEDx talk, and been featured in the Washington Post, The Hill, Columbus Monthly Magazine, and Fortune Magazine. Her research interests include menstrual poverty and menstrual equity policy. She enjoys speaking to student groups across the country to give them the tools to advocate for menstrual equity policy change.