Career Development

Keys to Career Confidence

Day 1

It’s easy to let being “new in your career” create self-doubt - so how do you ignore the internal chatter and show up anyway? Global speaker and author Velera Wilson provides ways to own your skills early and navigate your career, from internships to your first job, with courage and confidence.

Breakout Workshop

Velera Wilson

Speaker, Author, Consultant

Velera Wilson is a speaker, author, and coach who has spent almost twenty years leading marketing strategy and driving millions in revenue for Fortune 100 and 500 brands. She channels her expertise and passion for women in leadership as the founder and CEO of Positive Identity, a company that helps ambitious women lead with confidence in their career and everyday life.

From her popular debut book, "You're Absolutely Worth It", to being a contributing writer for Thrive Global on women's development, to publishing guides including “Six Steps to Negotiate the Salary You Deserve Without Letting Fear Override,” Velera shows women how to own their worth.