Investing in Yourself: Managing Your Personal Finances

Day 1

There is a lot of information out there when it comes to personal finance. But wheredo you start? Eva will walk you through the 5 major areas of personal finance: housing,transportation, debt, saving and investing, and other living expenses. You’ll be ready tobudget and start making the right decisions and you’ll soon realize personal finance isn’tthat overwhelming after all.

Breakout Workshop

Eva Macias

CEO & Financial Expert, Eva Macias & Associates

Eva Macias, is a powerful leader and sought-after speaker in the financial industry. Eva’s speciality is helping women create a “simple-to-follow” financial plan in 60 minutes or less.

Some financial services firms will decide whether to work with you or not based on your income level and net worth. Eva, on the other hand, believes that all working families deserve access to the same financial information that few families receive.

After learning her parents were retiring with just $1,100, Eva decided to dedicate her life to teaching women and working families how to achieve financial freedom. We are committed to “leveling the financial playing field” for all families so that everyone can reach their financial goals.

Eva Macias & Associates is a financial and insurance service marketing firm representing, not just one, but many of the largest and most well respected financial services companies in the world. We are a one-stop shop for all your Life, Annuity, and Health (LTC/DI) business.