Content Creators: Beyond the Post

Day 2 Afternoon

Trisha Batra

Founder, South Asian Productions

Trisha Batra (she/her) is the Founder of South Asian Productions an online community that offers resources and tools for South Asian Creatives to thrive, and a Robotic Process Automation Analyst . She is currently building her social media agency and is coaching influencers/business owners on how to establish their brands online. In her spare time Trisha is most likely content creating, dancing, or on Clubhouse! She loves connecting with other entrepreneurs, hustlers, and dreamers so feel free to shoot her a DM!

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Coco Bassey

Fashion Writer, Influencer, Content Creator

Coco Bassey (@cocobassey, she/her) is a Nigerian native fashion writer, influencer and digital content creator. With a mission statement of "redefining the millennial experience, one outfit at a time," Coco built her eponymous lifestyle and fashion blog on her namesake site in 2013 and has since appeared in top industry publications and partnered with fashion, beauty and lifestyle brands domestically and internationally to create captivating visual stories.  

Her ever-growing digital presence is a testament to Coco's strong aesthetic, especially in today's digital world, where people are looking for authentic voices in the creative space.

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Jazzmyne Jay

Diversity & Inclusion Consultant, Buzzfeed

Jazzmyne Jay (she/her) is a midwestern raised Lesbian who lives in Los Angeles constantly looking for decent pizza. She is a Diversity and Inclusion consultant, talent at BuzzFeed, content creator, personality, and semi-decent twerker. After completing her degree in Merchandise Marketing (concentration in Trend Forecasting) at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, she moved through the ranks at BuzzFeed to become a video producer—inspiring audiences with content about learning to love yourself and trying your fashion fears.

Through the years, Jazzmyne has grown a following on Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok encouraging her audience to just do the damn thing and be your true self. Through honestly a dope fashion sense, mental health talks, and journeys about self-love and empowerment—Jazzmyne Jay will continue to hype you up and be your Libra Queen.

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Carla Prata

Music Artist

Currently back in London, Carla Prata (she/her) is an Angolan-Portuguese music artist born and raised in the UK. After moving to Angola at the age of 13 where she became a star, Carla Prata returned to prove that she has the potential to become a global super star.

An Afro/R&B artist, Carla has captured her listener's with her rich unique sound, identity and culture. Influenced by the likes of Frank Ocean and the Weekend, Carla infuses her Anglo-Angolan background to construct captivating lyrics and melodies. She easily crosses over from Portuguese to English appealing to a wide global audience. Originally from the UK, Carla Prata was thrown into the music scene at the young age of 15 when at the time she was living in Angola. After recording her first ever single, Carla became an overnight sensation. Since then, her trajectory has taken her to become a superstar in Portugal and parts of Europe and Africa.