Nutrition: Fueling Your Body

ACC 201
Afternoon Workshop

In this workshop you will learn practical ways to eat and take care of your body and your health, talk about the misleading messages that’s out there in nutrition and how to know what you should be eating for YOUR body. 

Kristy Morrell, RD

Sports Dietian at USC

Kristy Morrell, is a registered dietitian.  She has worked at USC for over 17 years.  She worked at the Student Health Center for 5 of those years and then moved to athletics for the last 11 years.  In addition to her position at USC, Kristy is the sports dietitian for the LA Kings helping the team maximize their performance through science based nutrition practices.  She also has a private practice specializing in eating disorders/disordered eating, sports performance, weight management and the impact of dietary habits. Kristy is a public speaker on specialized topics related to diet and nutrition and has been featured on Food Network’s Weighing In and Hollywood Today Live.  Kristy’s philosophy on nutrition is centered on moderation and enjoying all foods.  She emphasizes high quality and less processed foods as much as possible.  She does not believe in “diets” but that listening to your body and being mindful when eating is truly the most important tool to learn.   She is a wife and busy mom of two boys, and is passionate about leading by example with being active, integrating nutrition into a healthy lifestyle, and appreciating your body along the way. 

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