Confidence: From Blonde to Bald to Bold

JFF 327
Afternoon Workshop

Christie Valdiserri feels so passionately about following her dreams no matter the circumstance.  After losing all of her hair to Alopecia, this professional dancer and Sports Illustrated model truly believed her career was over. Join her to hear about her story From Bald To Bold with an opportunity to dive a little deeper into your own goals and dreams.

Christie Valdiserri

Dancer & Fitness Instructor

Christie Valdiserri is a professional dancer, Sports Illustrated Model, and fitness instructor. She was born and raised in West Chester, PA but currently lives in Los Angeles. About three years ago, she found a small circular bald patch on the top of her head and never in a billion years thought it would lead to her being completely bald by the age of 23. As a dancer, in the entertainment industry, so much of it is about what you look like. So Christie hid under a blonde wig for about a year, but deep down she knew she had to set herself free & share her struggles. It has been the furthest thing from an easy journey, but Christie stands loud and proud today with her bald head and continues to spread her message about true beauty and about following your dreams. Christie encourages everyone she interacts with to be bold and stand in their truth as her mantra is... From Blonde, To Bald, To Bold.

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