Sexual Health

Flourishing & Shame-free

JFF 328
Afternoon Workshop

Often we believe that our desire, performance and enjoyment are just an automatic bodily action that we have little control over. Think again, for women there’s a lot more at play here when talking about our sexual wellness. 

A range of physical, psychological, interpersonal, and social factors influence a woman's sexual behaviors.  Spend an hour with Candice Witek, board certified health coach, women’s hormone expert, owner of Flourish Rx and two time breast cancer survivor. We will discuss the factors that you need to nurture in order to sustain joyful sexual wellness throughout the ages and stages of womanhood. 

Candice Witek

Founder & CEO, FlourishRX

Candice Witek is a board certified health coach, founder of women’s wellness product line Flourish RX and a nationally recognized women’s health advocate. A two time breast cancer survivor, Candice connects to audiences with authenticity, wisdom and activates change. Initially to regain health, Candice dove into education in women’s nutrition and the mind + body connection. Empowering women to improve health, achieve goals and develop sustainable habits. She is a graduate of USC Annenberg School, Institute for Integrative Nutrition, Plant-Based Chef,  MBSR Facilitator and Mother of 3. During her cancer journey she tried everything imaginable to help her heal and feel good. Since she has always been an avid cook, dreamer and designer, she started creating recipes for things beyond food - and that’s how Flourish RX products were born. Researching, mixing, creating; with a focus on natural and simple ingredients. WIth the launch of her sexual wellness product Goddess Glow CBD Yoni Oil Candice educates and empowers women on self care for the most feminine parts of womanhood. Let’s Talk About It!

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