Social Impact

Empowered Women Empower Women: Community Building

Day 2 Morning

Jamie Vinick

Founder & President, The Women's Network

Jamie Vinick is the founder and President of The Women’s Network, a national networking organization that is focused on connecting collegiate and recently-graduated women to each other and to leaders across many industries, and the host of Redefining Ambition, a podcast produced by the Network.

While a sophomore in college, Jamie identified a gap in the way that women network, pursue opportunities for professional advancement, and support one another. The Network has grown rapidly, with a presence now on 42 college campuses spanning across 20 states. Jamie’s community-based approach, in which women support and uplift one another in a non-competitive environment that encourages confidence and ambition, is the core of TWN’s mission.

Over the last few years, she has built and led a community of intelligent, determined, supportive women who share similar interests, goals, and aspirations. Prior to her role as President of TWN, Jamie worked at Synchrony Financial, WTS International, and Extell Management in New York City, gaining experience in supply management, real estate development, and recruitment. Jamie hails from the Washington DC metro area and is a graduate of the Martin J. Whitman School of Management at Syracuse University, with degrees in finance and marketing.  In her spare time, Jamie enjoys travel, reading, and gluten-free dining!

Breakout Panel

Olivia DeRamus

Founder & CEO, Restless Network

Olivia DeRamus (@runawayluna, she/her) is the founder and CEO of Restless Network (@restlessnetwork), an innovative social networking app and digital resource for women. As a survivor of sexual assault, Olivia is using her difficult experience to help create a better digital world and a safe space for women online: a place for women to establish meaningful connections, build a supportive community, obtain reliable information to deal with life’s challenges, and — hopefully — effectuate substantive change.

A 25-year-old with a background in non-profits, Olivia believes that every woman has had an experience that, if shared, can be the roadmap for another woman's healing or success. Though she only launched the Restless Network app in June 2020, she's already created a thousands-strong, mansplaining-free, and harassment-free alternative to platforms like Facebook and Twitter. When not disrupting the tech industry, Olivia also advocates for survivor’s rights.

Breakout Panel

Lauren Wong

Co-Founder, Nice for What

Lauren Wong (@wo.nn, she/her) is a fourth-year undergraduate student at Cal State Fullerton studying communications, marketing, and philosophy. Her passion for #niceforwhatmvmt (@niceforwhatmvmt) stems from wanting to bring an end to sexual assault and fight for accountability in all aspects of life. ⁣

She is passionate about helping college girls be who they were raised to be, branding + strategy development, sales, helping others, closing the gender gap in tech, saving animals, and philosophy. Having felt that she pitied herself instead of fighting for herself for a period of time, she is now working to help others take back their narrative and do the right thing.

Breakout Panel

Kelsey Harkin

Co-Founder, GRLSWIRL